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Automated Creative+Rehearsal Space

We created Aesthetic Studios to provide four relaxed, soundproofed, acoustically treated rooms for you to come in and do what you do best. From music, to film/photography or dance and everything in-between, we aim to accomodate the best we can! Book online or give Alex a call on 04333 76 392. Long Term options available.

$60 Day/Weekend  5 Hour Sessions

$80 Night 5 Hour Sessions

$25 Solo 3 Hour Sessions


Rehearsal Studios

Acoustically treated and air-conditioned rooms provide you a creative space to do what you do best! Whether its music, theatre or any form of rehearsal, we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Each room comes complete with 4 Microphones, cables and PA system and speakers. All very straight forward plug and play that even your nan can use.

We also offer permanent space hire too. SET UP AND STAY SET UP for any length of time, from two days, to a week or a month OR EVEN A YEAR. We have weekly/monthly rates for anyone that needs the permanent space, just shoot through an email!

From Solo hourly rates to month long lock outs, we like to keep everything as flexible as your busy life requires.

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Prices & Fees

  • $80 Night session
  • $60 five hour day + ANY weekend session
  • $25 Solo sessions

Opening Times

Open 7 days 9:30AM – 10:30PM

Gear Hire from $5

  • Guitar + Bass Amps
  • Speaker Cabs Bass + Guitar
  • Complete dum-kits

After a one off booking?

Just need a practise or two to dust off the cobwebs before a tour? Want to flesh out some new ideas? Looking to get the old band back together but not sure if you still hate each other? Head over to our booking page and lock in a time now (before the weakest link pulls the plug and throws some weak excuse your way, you know who I’m talking about)

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Looking to book more than one session/regular weekly spots?

We offer FREE storage to weekly bookings. We can also offer better pricing for weekly day time bookings for both full band and solo rates. If you are looking to black out a few days or weeks, we are more than happy to work out a fair price. No more loading in and packing down.

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Creative/Office/Workshop Space

Be it auditions, podcasts, gallery space, escape rooms, office space, workshop space we designed our rooms to be flexible for what ever you heart desires. Long term or short term, we welcome all walks of life.

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Public Relations

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